hinkbarnsm.jpg (11831 bytes)Bill and Jeanne have created an all-purpose Fox Trotter facility, possibly among the country's largest and almost certainly the most varied in offerings. It is called Indian Creek equine Center and is located near Chillicothe, Missouri.

The main barn is 60'x105' and includes an indoor riding arena, heated and air conditioned office and classroom, plus restroom facilities. Many programs are offered at the Equine Center. Visitors come for riding lessons or to be coached for showing, parades, or trail riding. They also attend seminars and clinics on all sorts of horse-related topics, led at times by clinicians prominent in the breed or the discipline.

Charity horse shows, 4-H and Girl Scout riding projects and therapeutic riding are done here regularly usingFeatures include a heated / air conditioned office & classroom  (13762 bytes) the center's horses and facilities. Assorted horse-requiring entertainments are available at the center, such as carriage rides, hay rides, and sleigh rides.

Owners may bring their mares to be bred at Indian Creek to any of the stallions who stand there. 

Klare Chapman/Impressive Kopy Kat, Mike Jones/Impressive Kopy, Todd Powell/Impressive Red Hickory Kat People also come to buy horses trained to both saddle and harness.

Bill's main pleasure is in raising and training Hickory's Country Gold's offspring. Forty (40) horses with Indian Creek breeding have over 60,000 competition miles, and 20 horses have attained 43 National Championships. Twenty-two Indian Creek horses have passed the 1000-mile mark in competitive trail riding.

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The riding area consists of gravel roads and pasture trails. Wildlife abounds. It's easy to find us!

Several of our Fox Trotters
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Indian Creek is enriched by Hinkebein's 50 years of experience with fox trotters and by the contributions of a Hall of Fame stallion named Hickory's Country Gold.

Bill and Hickory's Country Gold

Hickory's Country Gold - Retired to Stud 1997

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