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Indian Creek Equine Center specializes in Missouri Fox Trotters. They are bred and trained to be trail horses. We have raised and trained more NATRC horses in the last few years than any other equine breeder.

Fox Trotters have flat, angular, Arabian, or thoroughbred-type muscles. These are endurance muscles that contain oxygen-burning slow twitch fibers, meaning they are aerobic-functioning only in the presence of a steady supply of oxygen. Horses are born with a predetermined proportion of these genetic-inherited muscle fibers.

Hinkebein horses are becoming a recognized force in the NATRC world by serious competitors already claiming national and regional championships, as well as numerous ride wins and placings. In the past 18 years, Indian Creek Equine Center has produced 20 horses that have received 43 National Championships and have consistently been in the top placings in the region and nation.

A Tribute to a Foxtrotting Legend - Hickory's Country Gold

On April 25, 1983, a golden sorrel colt was born at the Indian Creek Equine Center in Chillicothe, Missouri. As he grew, owners Bill and Jeanne Hinkebein found him to be a strong, willing, and quiet performer.

Hickory's Country Gold and Bill Hinkebein
Illinois NATRC Competitive Trail Ride

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They put him to the test in competitive trail riding, and, in nine years of competition, this magnificent horse far exceeded their expectations. Just a few of his many accomplishments include winning the Presidents Cup, nine National Championships, and High Point Heavyweight Horse. He did this with a record of 43 firsts and 22 seconds out of 80 rides, while he racked up 5050 competition miles. He achieved all that in the 1990s when the sport was dominated by Arabians.

Hickory's Country Gold, the horse who won every award NATRC had to offer, passed away in his pasture from colic on July 6, 2010, at age 27.

Country Gold was Bill's once-in-a-lifetime horse. He lives on through his offspring who are carrying on this outstanding horse's winning legacy.

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Midnight Masterpiece
Alias "Preacher" due to a small white cross on his nose.

  • Three-Year-Old Smoky Black Stallion

  • 15 Hands

  • Outstanding Pedigree for Show

  • Sire: Southern Playboy (2006 World Grand Champion) by Southern Sunrise by Southern Jazz (Sire also has Missouri Traveler and Zane's Playboy breeding.)

  • Dam: Missouri Rambler E by Missouri Traveler E, Lady Anne, Sons Rockaway Bomber

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Midnight Masterpiece is a masterpiece of a horse with an excellent disposition and conformation. He is smart and easy to ride. He is heterozygous for cream dilution gene Cr/N. Midnight Masterpiece has the potential for the following colorings:

  • A foal from a bay-colored mare will be diluted to buckskin;

  • A foal from a chestnut-colored mare will be diluted to palomino;

  • A foal from a black-colored mare will be diluted to smoky black

Midnight Masterpiece has been nominated to the National Breeder's Cup as a lifetime NBC Performance Horse.

Breed to the best so you can ride the best!

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Country's Northern Dancer WH (0791526)

This classic champagne stallion is 15 hands tall and has an excellent disposition and is great on the trail. His full brother, DaHoss, is an NATRC National Champion. This good-looking stallion is a dream to ride on the trail.

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  • Sire: Hickory's Country Gold WH (A 9-time National Champion and the only stallion inducted into the NATRC Hall of Fame. The only horse to win all NATRC awards in nine years.)

  • Dam: Scoop of Honey WH, GoBoy's Shadow by Zane GoBoy and Zane Play Boy

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