When purchasing your next trail horse, look at the results of proven winners in NATRC's Region Six. Seventy-five percent of the National Champions in 2007 were fox trotters from Indian Creek Equine Center. Fifty percent of National Champions in 2006 were also from Indian Creek Equine center. Up to twenty percent of winners at regional competitions are fox trotters from Indian Creek Equine center. Forty (40) horses with Indian Creek breeding have close to 60,000 miles of competition. Seventeen horses with Indian Creek breeding have attained 43 national championships. Proof that quality does come from Indian Creek Equine center.

Here are some current and/or future champion Fox Trotters at Indian Creek Equine Center!
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Country's Touch WH
Registered Missouri Foxtrotter and brother to Country's DaHoss

Country Touch WH is a 2010 National Champion. He competed in seven NATRC rides in 2010 receiving four 1sts, one 2nd, and two 3rds. Of the last four rides, Country Touch has three 1sts with scores of 100% and a 2nd with a score of 99%.

Country Touch is a 16-hand chestnut sorrel gelding with excellent breeding, well proven, and will make an outstanding trail horse for any rider.

Pictured at left... Country Touch at the Big Piney Trail Ride river crossing 2010

Good Ol' Days Photography, Christina Callihan

Country Touch - Barrel Race
Good Ol' Days Photography, Christina Callihan
Country Touch - 7-year-old, 16 hands
National Champion 2010
Country Touch - Flint Hills NATRC
National Champion
Country Touch
Country's DaHoss - Buckskin Gelding
2008 National Champion and Registered Missouri Foxtrotter

The only registered Fox Trotter Classic Champagne Gelding with Dark Points.

Will ride and drive in harness.

Approved and blood typed.

Sire: Hickory's Country Gold Heavyweight Hall of Fame - NATRC

Dam: Scoop of Honey

Pictured at left... National Champion NATRC 2008; click photo at left for a closer view!

Country's Adobe Gold WH 04 82373
15 Hands; 6-Year-Old - Great Riding Mare
Stardust Royal Touch
15 Hands; 13-Year-Old - Easy-Going Mare - Anyone Can Ride - Used with Riding Program
Shady Sensation "Bob"
14.2 Hands; 7-Year-Old
Cherokee Princess
Black Sabino; 15 Hands; 9-Year-Old
Great Foxtrotter Trail Horse
Sire: 1000 Mile NATRC
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Quality horses are like buying good hay.
If you buy good, clean, strong quality hay, you will receive good results with your horse.
If you buy cheap, poor quality hay, you will have results of a poor horse.
Purchase a horse with proven winning background,
and you will be pleased with the results.

"Quality is like buying oats. If you want good, clean oats you must pay a fair price. However, if you are satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse... well, they're a little cheaper."
~ Author Unknown ~

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