Indian Creek Equine Center specializes in Missouri Foxtrotters. Our farm has a history of over 50 years of selective breeding to produce fine Missouri Foxtrotters. They are bred and trained to be trail horses and are known for their disposition, versatility, and people-friendly attitudes. We (Bill and Jeanne Hinkebein) have raised and trained more NATRC horses in the last few years than any other equine breeder.

Hinkebein horses are a recognized force in the NATRC world by serious competitors already claiming national and regional championships, as well as numerous ride wins and placings. Forty horses with Indian Creek breeding have close to 60,000 competition miles, and 20 horses have attained 43 national championships. I (Bill Hinkebein) accumulated 5,050 miles ridden on Hickory's Country Gold, who was retired to stud in 1997. Since that time, I have logged 11,000 additional miles of competitive trail riding, most of it on offspring of my favorite stallion. In May, 2003, I retired as head of the agriculture department at North Central Missouri College in Trenton, Missouri. My wife, Jeanne, retired May, 2005, as principal and 8th grade teacher at Bishop Hogan Memorial School in Chillicothe, Missouri.

We also have horses for sale. Check out our fine stallions! This allows you to breed super dispositions, smooth gaits, and excellent confirmation into your own horses and color into your offspring.

The Center sits on a small farm with two large facilities - one including a heated and air conditioned classroom and restroom and a 60'x105' indoor riding arena. The riding area consists of gravel roads and pasture trails. Wildlife abounds. It's easy to find us!

Prime Time and Bill Hinkebein

In the Tevis Cup 2006, Prime Time Sensation,
a three-time National Champion and a 
Region 6 High-Point horse and fox trotter,
and Bill finished 63 miles of rugged terrain.

In the Flint Hills, Hickory's Prime Time,
a two-time National Champion and a Region 6
High-Point Foxtrotter mare, and Bill enjoy a competition.
Prime Time is also 2 (2001) & 5 (2002)
in the nation in total points.

Through the gate - enter our center  (17196 bytes) Bill rides Country Royal Princess
in a competition in Oklahoma during
the spring of 1999.


Bill has been featured in "Western Horseman" magazine with his award-winning stallion, Hickory's Country Gold. He has appeared in "Gateway Magazine" in September, 1992, and January, 1993. The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Promoters also featured Bill in one of their videos, "Trail Riding Your Missouri Fox Trotter for Pleasure and Competition." You may order the tape by visiting their web site or by calling Gene Moeller at 417-732-2213.

Most recently, Bill was included in the book, "Missouri Horses... Gift to a Nation," Volume One, by Joan Gilbert (Chapter 42, "Two Famous Faces," pp. 367-369).

Bill and Prime Sensation were also featured in the St. Joseph News-Press on Sunday, August 6, 2005, in an article entitled, "Local Horseback Rider Finds Success On Trails" by Rick Dunaway. The article was a result of their win at the Sand Ridge Forest CRT 2005 Open Sweepstakes.

In 2010, Bill was featured in the Foxtrot Journal, Hoofprint NATRC, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association (MFTHBA) Commemorative History Book, Missouri Equine Issues, 2011 edition.

Click on these four photos to see a closer view.

Bill & Hickory's Country Gold, in action.
9x National Champion
Bill gives Prime Time an on-the-trail drink.
Championship Challenge Oct. 2002
Two-Time National Champion
Photo by Cristy Cumberworth
Bill & Prime Time
Championship Challenge Oct. 2002
Photo by Cristy Cumberworth
Bill & Prime Time
Championship Challenge Oct. 2002
Photo by Cristy Cumberworth

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